Drugs are For Everybody

November 14, 2016 Elizabeth Eastman 0

  Drugs. Drug Dealers. Drug Users. Drug Haters. Drug Lovers. Drug Advocates. Drug Enforcement. What do these words mean to us as a people? I see making a living, I see needing a release, I see having dealt with them, [..more..]


White Girl

November 13, 2016 niQui 5

    Allow me to introduce myself. I’m High-Yella. Half-breed. Heinz 57. Mutt. But, growing up I was most often just “White Girl”. My dad is 3/4 Black, descending from slavery. I was raised Black, even by my “White” mom. [..more..]

Slave Shackles

Stereotyping of My People

October 26, 2016 Elizabeth Eastman 3

Stereotype: A widely held and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. As I read the definition of stereotype, I realize it doesn’t say anything about it being permanent or lifelong. With that knowledge I [..more..]


Talk Around the Dinner Table

October 20, 2016 niQui 1

I was having drinks with friends, solving the problems of the world (as we do), and we got to talking about life in the inner-city (as we do).  I’ve often wondered why it is that we don’t seem to be maturing very [..more..]


Pledge Protests Offend Veterans

October 14, 2016 niQui 1

A recent wave of videos were propagated all throughout social media of an age-old problem; minorities brutalized and killed at the hands of our law enforcement officers. The videos spurred an outcry the likes of which I haven’t witnessed in my lifetime.  There have [..more..]


Kaepernick Pledge Protest is Useless

October 9, 2016 niQui 0

It looks like we have what could perpetuate into a full-blown age of evolution for minorities and the treatment and recognition of them on our hands.  There’s a lot to be said about what the catalyst ended up being – a [..more..]


Stranger Fruit

September 15, 2016 niQui 0

Strange Fruit, once in trees, now the streets Dark and juicy, but no longer sweet Strange Reeper, coming from the same stock Hardened apples somehow wetting up the sidewalk Strange Reasons, why you fill your baskets With the beautiful flowers, laid in beautiful caskets Strange [..more..]


The Great Integrity is Love

September 5, 2016 niQui 0

– Excerpt from the Introduction of Ralph Alan Dale’s translation of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching The Great Integrity is love. It is the love that uniquely expresses our deepest unarmored bonds with each other. On the highest level we [..more..]