About Us


Our Objective

Revved Evolution is centered around providing objective information and commentary on the issues that face the people of today and provides a forum for the exchange of perspectives, experiences and ideas.

We take positions on areas such as human rights, equality, and political and societal transparency.

Our contributors believe in the following:

  • Our focus and approach should be inclusive, non-violent, objective, and altruistic
  • We believe we should address our problems, each as individuals and collectives, with both loving kindness and acceptance
  • We will do our very best not to contribute to the propagation of false information. We will cite the sources of our information wherever possible
  • We will remain humble to our own fallibility and will always make allowances for the fallibility of others
  • Our opinions and commentary may center around virtues and principals learned by our religions, but we will never impose our religion on others in this forum
  • We hold dear to the truth that hate begets hate and is a cycle that can not be broken by hate of any form
  • We are a collective. A gathering of several minds from several backgrounds focused on both finding, and leading others to, an enlightened social awareness

Meet Our Contributors


niqui_smI am Niqui; 40 year old mother, wife, G.E.D. holding college graduate, software engineer, and product of the streets. Having both made it out and witnessed the countless who couldn’t, I respect the hurdle that is making something from nothing.

My vision for our future is not unique, nor is it complicated or out of reach.  Neither is it optional. I believe we’ve reached an impasse where progress will not be possible without acceptance, understanding, objectivity, accountability, and collaboration. I believe that our cultures in America, while still quite different, have melded enough to have created a common ground for understanding and learning. Building.

I myself am a derivative of both the Black and the White sides of the American slave trade; my points of origin reading like a map of traders and traded along Scandanavia, Ireland, Western Europe and Western Africa. It would be an interesting debate; deciding if I should be the recipient, or grantor of reparations.

I believe American people from all of the branches of my own lineage, and all others, are ready to convene. I believe it is time to acknowledge that there was a massive atrocious mess left by those from our past that we each and all have an interest and obligation in working together to clean.


lizzeastman6Hi. I’m Liz.

I’m a married mother currently living in Arizona. I’m also a 41 year old, Special Needs Adult Mentor, yoga enthusiast, Christian, world traveled, Black woman from Virginia.

I’m ready to see my people embraced and respected for who we are and not who we were brought to this country in chains to be.

I believe that now the physical chains are broken and we are free to empower ourselves to overcome the psychological chains. We have opportunities and we’re ready to run with them. Become educated as a people, and evolved to an elevated and enlightened understanding of who we are as a people.

Please come on this journey of #RevvedEvolution