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Drugs. Drug Dealers. Drug Users. Drug Haters. Drug Lovers. Drug Advocates. Drug Enforcement.

What do these words mean to us as a people? I see making a living, I see needing a release, I see having dealt with them, I see never having a bad experience with them, I see wanting true freedom of choice, I see needing a paycheck to do the right thing.

All these are aspects of dealing with drugs. Why are they so easily available in Black communities? I have seen so many different ways drugs can influence the Black family make up. I have never understood why we allow the control over our lives? I know drugs are everywhere, but why do the dynamics change to something dark and ugly once they reach the Black community. White neighborhoods have drugs but why are white men not locked up more for drug crimes? I see some Black people suffer so much behind bringing drugs into their homes, then I see the same amount of drugs in  white homes yet their Dads come home at night, their Mothers are on the PTA, their brothers are Captain of the football team. I cannot understand that, if All Men Are Created Equal, and Laws Are Written for All People Equal, than why is there such a difference? Maybe Black people don’t understand the dynamics and etiquette of proper drug use and sales. Maybe we don’t understand limits? I am curious to know. I do see that we are plagued with Single family homes from the start a lot of times and sometimes drugs are used to mentally escape or make money to physically escape. Where in some White homes drugs are not depended upon to make up for a “missing link” or income help, maybe they just simply enjoy the euphoria aspect of the drugs. I do hear once you turn a hobby into a career it loses the fun.

There are some drugs that are “socially acceptable” like marijuana, exctasy, and cocaine. Then there are the “bad drugs” like crack, heroin, meth and synthetics. Well If we can decide what’s bad and what’s good based on how the people who indulge in them react, we should then make a decision of how we treat the people dealing with them, how they react to the drugs. Is a man selling drugs to feed his family or just to get new flashy things, Is a woman smoking crack to handle the abuse that she is enduring, or just to make it through the day before she has to pick her kids up, Is a person popping pills because they have no health insurance, or are they taking pills to numb themselves to reality,etc? Why do we assume different opinions on things based upon feelings, then turn around and call them facts?

Drugs are a hot topic and people have varying opinions on them, mine is simple…Treat Everyone Equal. If a person smokes crack to make it through the day in a bad neighborhood he can’t seem to escape and a person snorts coke on a yacht with his business partners to have a great time,let the offense carry the same weight in a Court of Law.  We can never change anyone’s feelings on the topic because feelings are subjective to the person having them. The Courts are a different story, the laws, the sentences, those should be Black and White, see what I did there, but no really, the sentences should be the same across the board.

Here we are in 2016, I don’t see why communities still depend on drug sales to provide a better life, their are other things that people can do for money. Well, I mean, some money, it might not be new weave, new Jordan’s money, but at least pay some on some bill’s money, buy diapers type money. Right? I say, “Yes.” I worked as a single mother 9-5 type jobs, a bit above minimum wage jobs and took care of my kids well enough, they had a roof over their heads and food in their tummies, to this day, I have never bought a pair of Jordan’s, and guess what, my kids are amazing productive citizen’s. At times, I haven’t had a car, I have had to go to Food Banks, I have dealt with shut off notices, but I still haven’t sold drugs. Now keep in mind, I have learned skills and have a strong work ethic and a Mother and Family who have saved me at times, so for that I am grateful. Does that make me “better” than a person who has to sell drugs to provide? Hell No. So what do we need to do so all of our people have the same options? We decide to reclaim our Thrones and Rebuild our communities. I think NOW, we have so many resources, that there is no reason one of us should suffer while one of us has breathe left in our bodies.

We should learn to rebuild our communities, into villages. Remember the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child?” We must embrace that. Drugs cannot destroy us, only we can. We must step back and realize “Glorifying” the drug life is not beneficial to our people. We have to understand, selling shit to our own brothers and sisters so we may profit, is a mistake of the past. We don’t see many drug dealers “ruining” the suburbs, yet our communities, suffer and struggle. Why? We MUST do Better for our children and our legacy.

How can we progress carrying the baggage that has weighed us down for generations? Let go.

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