Kaepernick Pledge Protest is Useless

It looks like we have what could perpetuate into a full-blown age of evolution for minorities and the treatment and recognition of them on our hands.  There’s a lot to be said about what the catalyst ended up being – a few videos spread over social media of cops killing black men, but suffice it to say it’s causing a stir.  I will say, I believe police brutality is only a symptom, an effect.  It is not the problem. Yet, if seeing it happen on video awakens the people, then we can say we have gained.

Some of the people marched. Some (many) clogged the highways. Some took stands against local discrimination. Some set good examples. Some should have stayed at home. And then there’s Kaepernick.

Reactions to his protest spanned the gamut. Sales of his jersey jumped to #1 selling in the NFL Store (get yours – all proceeds donated), while others blamed him for a 25% drop in viewers (Faux Protest Cost $Millions). Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called his protest “dumb”. Being seen publicly belittling a man’s cause for protesting.

And, of course, those who don’t understand how he’s helping anything. Same as is said by all protests, I’m sure. I’m finding more and more sense in it every time I defend it in general (which I have many times).

No protest is meaningless if it sparks movement. If it sparks a people to gain deeper insight into an important history; their own. If Colin Kaepernick can entice any minority or oppressed person to educate themselves, to learn more about politics and where they stand in the system.  To take a minute and read a piece of history, enlighten himself, and find something worth-while to stand for, then his protest has NOT been in vain. There is no way his protest hasn’t affected the people in a positive way. I, for one was absolutely affected.

I have picked up my responsibility to learn about American history, and I absolutely do see the problem. Shit, man, I had no idea. For absolute starters, you can find a documentary called “13th” on Netflix. Let that get your wheels spinning.

Keep in mind, I am one of the ones who has believed that all we need to do is to take advantage of the opportunities that absolutely exist for education. But there is a mindset that most minorities living in poor conditions can’t just overcome by virtue of someone saying they should. We have no leaders, so to see someone step up to the challenge should inspire. And I can see that it has. At the very least, people who are currently still oppressed can see that they can, and should, address the issues. They just need to know how. Being seen trying at least something is a seed I’m sure has been planted in many a brain.

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