Pledge Protests Offend Veterans

A recent wave of videos were propagated all throughout social media of an age-old problem; minorities brutalized and killed at the hands of our law enforcement officers. The videos spurred an outcry the likes of which I haven’t witnessed in my lifetime.  There have been bigger outcries, I realize, and probably during my lifetime that I just haven’t heard of.  But, it seems like there hasn’t been much movement during my lifetime.  Like there’s not enough to cry for.  And when we do, we’re not seen crying long.

I can say, though, that what I’ve seen has at least been the catalyst I’ve needed to pay attention. Witnessing protests of different sorts, I’ve realized quite a few things. They all warrant their own discussion, but this one is Colin Kaepernick and his protest.  He has started to, and has encouraged others to, sit or stand during the pledge of allegiance before games. So, there are some points to address about where his focus is, and I intend to, but what has my ire right now is what I keep hearing about how veterans are offended by Kaepernick’s protest. You can research what people are saying.

What’s got my goat is that I don’t understand how kneeling during the anthem offends people in the armed forces and veterans. First of all; people in the service *gave their* pledge. I don’t feel that obliges all of us. If we don’t feel like our country deserves our allegiance, I feel we have the right not to give it. Who should pledge such dedication if they feel this country is not dedicated in return? The only thing we need to agree to adhere to governing law. No one should be oblige anyone to pray to the “country’s God”, nor to pledge allegiance to the country’s flag.

A person who joins the service falls under what I’d guess to be 3 umbrellas:

  • People who need a path, escape, or realizes they need discipline
  • People who have associated goodness and service to being a soldier
  • People who just want something or someone to fight, and would love to be justified

There are very few of those people, seems to me, who would feel personal spite from Kaepernick’s kneeling. Each of those categories of people would have gotten all they need just by virtue of having their own experiences in the service. No one guaranteed them they’d be adored and worshiped when they got back from war. No altruistic person would need that, either, so it’s said. And, if you want proof that no one is guaranteed respect for their service in the military, do yourself a service and do a skim through Google on how blacks were revered after their service in wars up until very recently.

As for the veterans themselves; the government is fucking them over, too. Veterans should be joining the fight, if I may state my opinion unadulterated. They’ve been thrown into battles that the decision-makers wouldn’t EVER throw their own kids – or THEMSELVES, for that matter. I mean, these assholes will risk prison rather than be caught by the draft. Veterans are pawns being used to defend what’s been built on the backs of the pawns who have been indentured (also its own discussion).  How is that not obvious?

As I get all worked up and upset at the thought, the audacity, I remember a point I always say I’ll remember to go when I get upset about things I know so little about.  The media controls us. The media can take a single sentence uttered by a single person and start a nation-wide hysteria, even if only for 15 minutes. Add to that this thought. I’m going to start with an experiment I will try and add to this article when I remember where I heard it from, but it basically goes like this:

A sister turning 21 and her older brother decide to take a trip to Vegas and live it up.  While there, they find themselves alone, drunk, and excited about one another.  They decide that it wouldn’t ruin their relationship if they had sex, just this once. They’d use condoms so she doesn’t get pregnant.  

Is that wrong?

The point of the question is to say this… To the degree to which you believe in a truth, everything you see and everything you hear will only go to further that truth for you (Brian Tracy).  Meaning; if you already came to this story with the heart-felt believe that incest is wrong, then you’re going to find reasons to support that. Even if all of your arguments are only speculative and no more relevant in this story than others. So,… Back to Brother Colin.

You don’t feel comfortable seeing him so blatantly doing that thing you got in trouble in kindergarten for even THINKING ABOUT – refusing to stand for the pledge.  It’s so wrong, right!? Um, because…. He plays football… (ya, doesn’t sound like property of the country), He makes a lot of money… (doesn’t motivate many white-collared politicians to stand), He gets to enjoy the freedoms afforded to him by the people who fought *for that flag* (please God don’t get me started on that silliness).  People will find a reason to explain their upset.  And do you know what happens when they do?  It won’t matter how ridiculous the sentiment or implications, it’ll sound sensible.

Things like this – Colin Kaepernick and His Faux Protest Has Cost the 49ers $$Millions are being said about him. They’ll have us think the people aren’t watching because of Kaepernick’s protest. 25%??  Because of a man’s 3 minute anthem stance?  When it seems like it, in itself, isn’t so important if you’re above the trenches.


Kaepernick’s protest is a call out to our minority brothers and sisters to stand. He’s showing underprivileged and unprotected people that their problem  are worth fighting for a solution for. He’s proving to the helpless that they’re seen. They have an ally among the upper ranks. Having been left behind almost any time someone rises from the streets, it’s encouraging to see.

Not only is he causing an awakening, but he’s putting his money where his mouth is. He’s pledged not only to donate $1m to community-based charities, but he’s also donating proceeds from sales of his jersey, which right now is the #1 selling, to communities.

We may have found a fighter worth backing, people. Sorry, vets.

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