Stranger Fruit

Strange Fruit, once in trees, now the streets
Dark and juicy, but no longer sweet

Strange Reeper, coming from the same stock
Hardened apples somehow wetting up the sidewalk

Strange Reasons, why you fill your baskets
With the beautiful flowers, laid in beautiful caskets

Strange Talk, sing songs about your harvest
Strange Patrons, keeping eating, keeping starving

Strange Sorrows, someone else picked a cherry
When every 7 they pick, you’ll pick off 93

Strange War, destroy your neighbor’s garden
Avenging that same neighbor, all reasoning disregarded

Strange Sheep, with no shepherd to guide them
Lions covered in wool, not knowing what’s inside them

Strange Trick, to purify their forest
Chainsaw razor blades, cut your own wrists

Strange Plan, a voluntary slave
Incarcerated servants digging endless graves

Strange Solution, why it warrants avoiding
Busy making them money, mindlessly self-destroying

Strange Love, that manifests this way
Fighting ’round the plantation, can’t keep the crows away

Strange Genocide, one we commit ourselves
Blind to the scandal that’s published, on the shelf

Strange Day, entire peoples dreaming
While sleepwalking, they continue reeping

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