Liz’ Perspective


lizzeastman32016. I always thought by this time we would be flying around in space ships and living in harmony with All people. Well, apparently child like dreams are extremely far-fetched. Here I am in 2016 feeling like it’s 1965. Black people are still being hunted and murdered by police and anyone who fears them, for walking home, selling CDs, riding in a passenger seat, questioning authority. Black people are marching for Peace and Equal treatment. The Government isn’t punishing the murdering police officers and instead are placing them on paid leave. Blacks are still feared. We are being told to “let go” of the past, asked to “move on”. We are being lead to believe remembering the past is wrong.

People are in fear of Black people educating themselves on our history. We are still trying to be held down and oppressed by other people. Funny thing is, some of us have accepted all of this. Some of us don’t know what to do or how to change things. I have decided to educate myself on my ancestors and history of my people. My people being Black Americans. I was born in Spotsylvania,Va. in 1975. Spotsylvania, Va is a small town weighed down with history of slave trades, lynchings and the lack of black rights. We were taught as children to fear whites because they held the key to our freedom and safety… yet love ourselves and learn our history and pass the knowledge to our children and anyone who was willing to listen.

Living in the digital age I have decided to take to social media to help educate willing people. I have decided to uplift my people through positive words and sharing of knowledge. The more we deny who we are and where we have come from the longer we will be abused and ignored. Our President is a Black man yet Black men are still feared. The richest woman in America is a Black woman yet we are still looked at as ignorant. For every step forward we have made, it feels we are still 20 steps behind. How can we change this? Education. Knowledge. Unity. How do we achieve these ideals…by not backing down. Instead, we must help each other. Show the youth that they are descendants of Kings, Queens, Warriors, Healers, Nurturers, Teachers. Our culture is divine. We are important. We do matter. Let us expect to be treated fair and equal. Demand to be heard. Speak with Knowledge. Focus on building a better community. Standing shoulder to shoulder and not back to back. We are called to LOVE each other and protect our history.

I am a mother, a teacher, a wife, a Black woman. I refuse to forget or ignore the steps my ancestors had to take in order for me to be here and stand free. I refuse to let the many bodies of my people hung from trees mean nothing. I will not except the labels placed upon my people. I choose to work hard, help people, embrace my heritage, love myself. It’s time to let the stereotyping of our people go and set a new standard of respect and acknowledgement for the past.

To quote a Great man…”We shall overcome.”